How to download wp-rocket and w3 cache for free

Since more than 70% of the internet blogging market is being handled by WordPress, people intended that they need more fast content delivery solutions to reach out to more readers. A solution for making web pages load faster to help the readers render the pages in different communication networks. Developers came with different solutions but finally, on mutual agreement, they all agreed this one solution of web page caching.

We name it as Web page caching. A solution being build to save HTML structure of the web page temporarily on the browser cache on the accessing computer.

Since WordPress is a managed content system, and a solution for drag and drop infrastructure, we needed a build software to install on the WordPress panel. With the approach of different engineers, some groups came to provide it good.

Today in this article we going to discuss 2 highly trending WordPress caching plugins on the internet. These two plugins are accordingly named as WP-Rocket and W3 cache. The plugins are originally developed and maintained as paid services where you can purchase them on the original sales pages here in these links. But we found this awesome service where they provide these plugins for free under GPL license for educational purposes. Therefore anyone who is interested in learning about these plugins or checking whether if it suits and fair the money they are going to invest in the software, they can use these free plugins for that. These free plugins are originally purchased under the GPL license and is distributed under the same license but for free for those who can’t afford to buy them.

WP Rocket WordPress Plugin 3.3.7 – Free Download GPL Version

WP Rocket WordPress Plugin 3.3.7 – Free Download GPL Version

WP Rocket is a WordPress Plugin being developed by WP MediaWP Rocket WordPress Plugin helps your Website to load faster with smart caching features including page caching, delivering images on request and static files compression.

Do you need SEO solution for free?

When it comes to WordPress SEO, we all talk about keyword ranking, optimizing and many other factors, but there is only one thing that comes to our mind when we talk about WordPress SEO. 

Download w3 cache total

W3 Total cache is a free plugin that allows highly dedicated services for free. You can download this plugin for free. if you are interested you can also purchase a paid plugin from another solution provider.

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