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When it comes to WordPress SEO, we all talk about keyword ranking, optimizing and many other factors, but there is only one thing that comes to our mind when we talk about WordPress SEO. It is the Yoast SEO tool.
We found this website where they offer Yoast SEO plugin for free under GPL license. Let’s talk about how to download and use each and every Yoast plugins to enhance your website traffic.

How to download Yoast SEO for free

You can not download Yoast SEO plugin for free but there are some websites where they offer this plugin for free under GPL License (Learn more about how GPL License work). Etechmart is one of those websites we came across. When we talk about Yoast, they provide different tools to different website needs. Therefore you need to understand using all given Yoast plugins won’t always fix your SEO problems.

How to determine which plugin to use

First, take some moments to finalize your website needs. Do your website constantly produce content? If yes, you might want to look at Yoast Local SEO premium.
Do you provide a news facility? Then you definitely need to use the Yoast News SEO plugin. Do you provide video-based content? then Yoast Video-based plugin is the best solution for you.
How ever, you can still try the free version of this software directly on the WordPress download plugin area.

Here in this article, we have provided links for you to download Yoast SEO Premium – Free Download GPL Version, Yoast Local SEO Premium 12.1 – Free Download GPL Version and Yoast Video SEO Premium 12.1 – Free Download GPL Version. You can use these plugins for free and these files are viruses free and scanned.

Download Yoast SEO plugins for free under GPL License

Yoast Local SEO Premium 12.1 – Free Download GPL Version

Yoast Local SEO Premium Features :

Use this plugin to enhance Your SEO performance with advanced features. This plugin is mostly for any website owner who produces any type of content.

Yoast SEO Premium – Free Download GPL Version

This plugin provides a much more advanced feature than the local premium plugin. This provide the advance tool such as priority editor, social media control, and links to other tools.

Yoast Video SEO Premium 12.1 – Free Download GPL Version

If you are producing video-based content on the internet, Yoast video is the best tool out there we can suggest to you. you can download this software for free here.

You also need to make sure that you will connect this plugin with your webmaster tools to make the process. For more information about how to install this software, you can find out that on Yoast Installing guidelines on yoast.com

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